Blu is an 82-unit condominium project located in Long Beach, CA.

The Blu project, fighting the effects of a failed sales launch, soured broker relationships, declining real estate values in downtown Long Beach, and a loss of local buyers’ confidence, stood uncompleted and static. The investor, challenged with realizing the project’s inherent potential against long odds, hired Kor to upgrade selected amenities, re-brand the project, conceive an attractive sales and marketing program, conceive a targeted marketing program, lease 10,000 square feet of commercial space and manage the sales team.

Sharpening Blu’s focus on revitalizing what had been an up and coming urban destination, Kor created a new sales environment, an engaging central lobby and creatively-staged models, promoted via innovative product positioning, messaging, identity and branding. Sales and marketing outreach involved insightful and coherent utilization of coordinated advertising, social media, public relations, as well as print and e-collateral with a motivated sales team overseeing the roll-out.

Local companies, universities and the City of Long Beach, embracing an insightful strategy for revitalizing Blu, cooperated closely with Kor-designed marketing initiatives, including cross-promotions and co-branded events, conspiring together to attract live/work buyers. Buttressed by extensive social marketing and conception of the competitive “Kor Cup” broker-challenge program, all key factors in creating robust broker support, investors and the community witnessed an immediate success story in place of what had been imminent failure.

A Kor-refreshed Blu quickly became the best selling residential project in downtown Long Beach achieving a higher than average price per square foot, while receiving accolades from local dignitaries for helping to restore confidence in the local housing community.